"Worthy of one's trust, giving the same result on successive trials." The measure of credibility is whether the decision was made to do the right thing for the right reason. If we promise to be punctual, then we will show up on time. If we promise to be discreet then we will be discreet. We have built the Paul Blais Realty Group on a foundation of integrity and thus our clients feel we are worthy of their trust.



"To consider worthy of high regard. Having a good reputation, especially in a field of knowledge." The values our team shares in real estate are the same values that take us through the other areas of our lives. There are certain bridges that are not worth crossing, no matter what others think. Loyalty and relationships are important. Decisions should be based on principles that do not change. The Paul Blais Realty Group consistently lives its' values. In short, we walk the talk and in the long run, our clients respect us.



"To endorse as fit, worthy or competent to put forward as one's choice." The Paul Blais Realty Group gets results or all the values and principles in the world will not be enough.


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"Mon expérience avec le Groupe immobilier Paul Blais fut énormément apprécié ! "Luc Dostie